Thursday, December 28, 2006

Should I be worried.....?

Here's the fortune cookie I got today......hmmmmm......not sure if I like this! I guess I'll be staying away from the doctor until he gets out of rehab.....

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Your doctor is looking unsteady because he has been hitting the gin.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

>^oo^< >^oo^< meeeee-oooowwwww!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Haven't had much time for posting this week----lots to do to get ready for Christmas! I'm so excited because my Winter Wonderland Swap partner, Jeremy, received her gift box already! I'm amazed at the speed of that delivery to Illinois since I just mailed it on Monday afternoon! She posted on the swap site about her gifts, which was a nice surprise for me when I clicked on to it---The most joy of gift-giving is seeing someone's reaction when they receive a gift!

This was my first secret swap and it was really fun to send a gift to a complete stranger! I'm also anticipating the fun of receiving a gift in the mail from someone I don't know as well. Maybe part of the excitement of the "secret swap" experience is sending a gift to someone about whom you have absolutely no pre-conceived ideas or opinions----there's a sort of freedom in being able to send a gift simply for the experience of giving it, especially when it is hand-crafted, rather than having the pressure of shopping for that "perfect" gift. You do receive some hints to go on for color and scent preferences, etc., but that still leaves lots of room for creativity in putting together the gift. I'm hoping to join some more swaps in the future!

Meanwhile, I'm still plugging away on the felted clog slippers for hubby. They are a sort-of Christmas gift, although he knows about them and has been observing their progression as I have been knitting them. He also knows there is no way they are going to be done in time for Christmas, but he doesn't mind. I think he enjoys seeing the progress as they begin to look more like slippers and knowing they are for him. Besides, I really want him to be there for sizing while felting them, so I don't have to do any guessing about when they are felted to the right size! I have also started a small felted basket for him (in "manly" colors, of course), which I may have finished by Christmas....Oh well, at least my shopping skills are faster than my knitting skills, so I have some other nice gifts for him as well!

I'm planning on meeting who I call "the knitting girls" tomorrow at Village Yarn & Tea for a little R&R, no-holiday-stress knitting, tea sipping and jib-jab :) It just so happens that I need to leave the house for a while so my hubby can wrap my gifts (yeah!), so of course I really need to leave the house to accommodate him for this important task....

Happy Holidays to everyone. I wish you all a joyful and peaceful holiday. Don't forget to give yourself the gift of some relaxing knitting time in a comfy spot.

^,,^< >^,,^<

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do I get credit for UN-knitting my projects?

How is everyone's holiday knitting coming along? I'm in the negative zone at the moment, since I ripped out not one, but two WIP's this past weekend. R.I.P. Frog Tree Alpaca Cape Cod Shells scarf, and Fleece Artist curly mohair/silk triangular shawl.

The alpaca scarf has been asking for it for a while. I started it over twice already, and then it went and hid a stitch from me after I had very nicely completed about 8 inches of it! I first tried to rip back just a little to see if I could find the stitch, or where it dropped, but no luck. So I just kept on rippin' until it was gone. BAD scarf! Actually, that felt kinda good, so.....

In moving on through my bag to find another project to complete, I noticed my slightly-neglected triangular shawl mocking me from the bottom of the bag. I took it out to work on it, but then remembered why I've neglected it for a while. I'm just not liking how the yarn-increases on the edges are looking.....maybe I'll find another way to do it.....and there I went. Before I knew it, the shawl was off the needles and I was ripping out stitches fast and furious, and the shawl was rewound into a nice ball of lovely yarn, with not a hint of it's past as a shawl I was kinda pretending to like.

I gotta say, all of that ripping back of stitches felt kinda good----kinda like I had suddenly gained the ability to knit at mach speed......only backwards. Oh well, I feel better now anyway. Kinda scary though, how easy it was to rip out hours and hours of knitting in what seemed like seconds! I still intend to make a shawl out of the Fleece Artist, but the alpaca will have to moved on to some other deserving project----I don't think I could start that pattern over once again!

There were a couple of projects I was able to complete this past week, though. I was finally able to get a (sorta bad) picture of my poinsettia dishcloth with the bobbles in the center, after about 15 tries. Some things just don't want to photograph, and a bright red dishcloth is one of them, but I think you can see the pattern, anyway...

I also finished gathering up what I want to send to my Winter Wonderland secret swap pal...

The peach-colored lacy cloth in the center is called "crocus buds," and the blue cloth is a snowflake illusion cloth, which is hard to see in this picture. There is also a star Christmas coaster, felted mini-bag, bar of handmade peppermint soap, and a cute kitty cat ornament. And of course, I had to include a Seattle souvenir, since she lives in another state---a little zippered bag to carry a knitting project or whatever. It's all boxed up and ready to go---hope she likes it!
If I had my choice, I would have included some delectable dark chocolate and treats of some kind, but she asked for no food on her profile, so I guess I'll have to keep the chocolate....darn!

>^..^< >^..^<

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's finished felting day!

I've been having fun with felting for the past week, and now I'm finally posting the pictures....

Here is my first booga bag for Norovember. I actually finished in November, but didn't get around to the picture-taking until the weekend.

I really like how the colors turned out, but I'm not so sure I like Kureyon for felting bags of any substance. It is a yarn that has thick and thin areas, and it is not a very "solid" or thick felt. The bottom is a bit too soft to hold up solidly with contents inside, so I bought a piece of plastic cross-stitch-type sheet, cut to fit inside the bottom of the bag, and it's now much sturdier and holds contents without bowing out on the bottom. Normally I would just double the yarn, but with the beautiful striping pattern of the Kureyon, that isn't possible without ruining the effect. I love the color effects, but will probably reserve felting this yarn for smaller bags and other felted projects.

While in Victoria, BC last weekend, I bought a skein of Paton's SWS, which is a wool/soy blend. I saw a felted sample in the shop I visited there, and it looked so lovely felted. The variegated colors blend softly into one another, and it felts up very thick and sturdy, with a nice little "bumpy" textured effect.

I knit two mini-bags from a pattern called "Special Companions," a pattern available for free on They are a super-quick knit, so I came home from my weekend away with two bags done and ready for felting!

I made a felted bag previously from this designer (Janet Scanlon) called "My Little Companion," which I absolutely love and use constantly. (If you haven't tried any of Janet's patterns for felted bags, you really should try one----the patterns are well-written and the bags are well-structured and come out beautifully!)

I made these from one skein of the 'geranium' colorway, and had plenty left over for the handles with some extra to spare!

The bag on the right is shown without the handles applied yet. They look cute either way, but I love them with the handles, as they look like an exact miniature of my larger bag. I placed business cards inside so you can see the approximate size scale.

After felting and while still wet, it is easy to slightly change the shape of the bag before drying, so it can be molded into more of a round, basket-type shape as well. The top edge felts with the slight edge-curl of the stockinette stitch still intact, giving it the look of an I-cord rim.

I loved these little bags so much when they were finished, that I bought some more SWS in other colors to make some more. This yarn is less than $6 per skein at Michael's, and easily makes two bags, making the bags a cute and inexpensive project. I think they will make great gifts, or even holders for other gifts. I'm going to try making some in slightly larger sizes to see how they turn out. I would have never known that a wool/soy blend would felt if I hadn't seen the sample in the yarn store!

>^..^< >^..^<