Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fun with dishcloths!

I joined a monthly dishcloth KAL recently, and it's been fun so far! There are two KAL's a month, and here's the first one I knit from mid-August. I know that some consider dishcloths to be on a low rung of knitterly society and can't be bothered to make them---but I say they are fun to knit, inexpensive to make, provide quick FO gratification, allow you to try new stitch patterns without a big risk, and also serve a useful purpose! They also provide me with a fun and satisfying bit of knitting that I can take along and take a break from bigger projects for a while. I really find it fun to have a small, colorful FO so quickly....

Here's an illusion snowflake dishcloth---this one was very fun to make. Hard to see in the pictures, but the snowflake really does 'appear and disappear', depending on the viewing angle. I've been interested in trying out illusion, or shadow knitting for a while, so this pattern was perfect!