Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sometimes the high-speed highway is gridlocked...

Yipeeeeee! I'm on the high-speed highway.....um, ..after sitting in a major traffic jam for a while! No wait, not a traffic jam---I couldn't even get on the actual highway. Received the equipment with easy as 1-2-3 installation instructions. Then cute high-tech hubby installs, checks, rechecks.....nothing.

Called phone technical support, 10 more rechecks....nothing. Finally, real human being tech-guy shows up from telephone company today. Only took him 2-1/2 hours of replacing lines outside and inside the house to get it working....at the lowest speed available....but working. Poor guy, hope he's getting paid by the hour and not by the job. So now I'm cruising on the 300mph highway at about 75mph, but for that, I'm grateful. At least I'm actually ON the highway now!

Next, trying to upload pictures.....can't wait to see what kind of havoc I can create with that!