Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A finished Meathead, and words of wisdom from the Divine Miss M

My Meathead KAL hat is finished! I had to think a while about what kind of embellishment I wanted to add. A crocheted or felted flower was my first thought, but that didn't seem enough to make my hat unique---lots of flowers on hats already! So I decided to pay tribute to what makes each of us (and our meathead hats) unique in our own little way.....

This is supposed to be a picture of the tag details----but once again, Blogger has decided to cut off the bottom of my picture (I guess that's one of those little things that makes Blogger "special"....)

Thanks to Bette Midler for the perfect quote:
Cherish forever what makes you unique 'cuz you're really a yawn if it goes!

Words to live by!

Meanwhile, cute hubby, the Stash Alpaca and I are off to Victoria, BC for the Thanksgiving weekend! I'm really excited to go away for the weekend. Even if it is going to be cold and raining----it's still away!

My only hope is that it is not windy, because then the ferries get cancelled, which will bring the whole trip to a grinding halt! I'll tell ya right now, I'm going to Victoria this weekend if I have to swim the Georgia Strait myself!

Just have to remember to bring along a waterproof bag so the knitting won't get wet while I'm swimming.....

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

>^,,^< >^..^<