Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Okay, I'm an idiot....

After a surprisingly short search yesterday, I actually found a LYS that had a skein of Kureyon in the same color and lot number! I was pleasantly surprised. I brought it home and began working on the I-cord bag handles, starting with the scraps I had left, of course.

Knitting along, one I-cord completed with yarn on hand ......hmmmm..... maybe this yarn is going further than I thought it would. I am now two-thirds done with the second I-cord, and it appears I'm not going to run out after all! It's very close, but I think I'm going to make it.

So, the result is this---I am now the proud owner of an entire extra skein of Kureyon, in a color I now will not need to finish my bag, obtained by driving into Seattle in the pouring rain, and feeling very triumphant about my bad self that I was so tricky and and found an extra matching skein!

I'm an idiot. Is there a class on how to predict how much yarn you need to finish something? I could really use it.... I guess that I-cord uses waaaaay less yarn than I thought....

>^oo^< >^oo^<