Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Official Halloween Ballband!! :) After the ballband bug bit me, I immediately had to cast on a second one, and decided that Halloween was a good color inspiration....

.....and making his first appearance on this blog, the Official Halloween Minion!

This is Minicat (he's not really that mini, but that's a long story...). He's also known around here as "The Supervisor." The supervisor must, without fail, involve himself in absolutely anything being done around the house, and immediately insert himself in the middle of it to run things....whether that's the way you want them or not! His other job is to continuously torture the other minion, Mochi (the technocat), and make sure that he can never have a quiet moment! Min is actually very adorable.....in a very minion-y sort of way! What better reason to make him an official Halloween icon?

>^oo^< >^oo^<