Monday, September 18, 2006

New day, new blog.....

It's so nice to have a new little cyberspot to call my own!....Um,... now what do I do? This blogging thing is a whole new experience for me. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would ever even consider starting my own blog, I would have laughed....really loud. But never say never, cause here I am.

Turns out that I've really started to enjoy reading all of the posts and looking at all of those pics posted by many knitters who have boldly blogged before me. They all look like they are having so much fun, and knottykitties really hate to feel left out of anything---especially if it's fun!

Anyway, welcome to my little blogspot~~I hope you find something you like here, or something to make you smile :) In the meantime, I will be having lots of fun trying to figure out how to do all of the technical stuff, exposing a little more of my life than I probably should, and making merriment whenever possible about just about anything (hey, I can't help it, I'm a born wise ass...).

But best of all, I can post pictures of my knitting, and talk about my knitting, knitting in general, and only think about buying yarn (especially if my husband is reading this, who knows that I would never, ever actually purchase any more yarn...). Perhaps I'll even have time to blog about any of the other stuff that occupies my life here....

Thanks for peeking in, and stop by any time.....:)