Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I confess.....I Heart Boy Britney!

Let's face it----television usually sucks. But more particularly, summer television really sucks. Among the sucky summer TV offerings is "America's Got Talent." In case you haven't seen it, it's a show where regular people compete in a talent competition to try to win 1 million dollars.

For the most part, the show and it's competitors are all pretty lame, and the show is so bloated with fill and commercials, I can only stand to watch it as knitting background fill-in. But.....

Every once in a while, amongst all the off-key singers, dorky acrobatics and painfully tin-eared musicians, there comes a bright spot of sorts. Not necessarily a conventional bright spot, but rather one that captures your heart and imagination in some way---although you can't necessarily figure out why. For me, on this lame show this summer, that bright spot has been BOY SHAKIRA!!

I don't know exactly why I love him, but I do! He is funny and entertaining, in a bad drag queen kinda way, but I really look forward to seeing him each time. A definitely NOT boring standout in a sea of boring and lame talent-show acts. The best part is, he has actually made the finals and has a chance at winning the million clams!! Not bad for a boy in a bad wig!! And BTW, the muffin top hanging over his hip-shaking costume is a thing to behold as well!

To be able to stand out and make an impression in the finals, Boy Shakira pulled out the stops and became.......BOY BRITNEY!!! He does "hit me baby one more time..." complete with schoolgirl outfit (belly still visible) and back-up dancers! And best of all, HE'S got underpants!! I'm sorry, but it's just too much fun! In the world of boring summer TV drivel, I admit...

I heart Boy Britney......or Boy Shakira.....or Boy whatever!!! He's sweet and he brings his mom with him to his performances. I just gotta watch---it's like looking at a car a good way! And just for the record, I hope he wins the whole thing. There's a couple of other contestants who are good singers but excuse me,.....ho-hum.


And by the way, no, I have not lost my mind. I don't have a thing to show for knitting, work is kicking my ass, and as for blogging, I wasn't even going to try today cuz I had nothin'.....until now......ya gotta love a lame-but-in-a-good-way drag act on national television! Boy Shakira is more fun than your favorite drunk uncle at the family reunion!