Monday, January 14, 2008

"Defeat the Winter Doldrums" swap questionnaire

Just joined the winter swap that I mentioned in my last post. I need something fun to look forward to this winter, since it seems like it's never going to end this year!

Here are my anwers to the questionnaire:

1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both?

I knit almost exclusively these days. I know how to crochet and enjoy it, but can't do it without flaring up the tendinitis...

2. What types of needles do you enjoy using for making dishcloths?

I use all circulars, for everything, all the time! For dishcloths, I usually use my Denise needles--nice and sharp and not too slippery.

3. What types of cotton do you enjoy using for making dishcloths? Is there any that you've been wanting to try?

I usually make mine out of the old standby Sugar 'n' Creme, since it's the easiest to get around here. I also make face cloths out of Crystal Palace cotton chenille. I'd love to try any soft cotton yarns, and I've heard bamboo makes nice cloths as well, so I'd love to try that, too.

4. What color(s) are your kitchen and bath decorated in (if any)?

Don't really have any particular colors in my kitchen, though I usually tend to be attracted to bright red and white dishtowels lately, probably because I have plain white, boring kitchen counters. As for dishcloth colors, love all bright colors! My bathrooms are not really, um, decorated exactly, but I do sort of have a ocean/beach/tropical fish thing going on there....not much help, I know. I tend to like beach glass colors in the bathroom--blues and greens.

5. What are your favorite colors for yarns? Least favorite?

I don't think I really have a favorite yarn color, but I do tend to gravitate toward deep color tones, such as charcoal grey, purple, deep green, indigo blue. I also love bright colors together when blended well, such as Noro yarns. I'd have to say the only color of yarn I don't like would be yellow.

6. Do you like Winter, or do you count the days until it ends?

I hate winter and can't wait for it to go.away.! Is it April yet?

7. What's your favorite way to brighten your day when you're down in the dumps?

I usually cheer myself up by starting up the fireplace, pulling out some simple knitting and having a big cup of Oregon Chai tea with a ridiculously large pouff of real whipped cream on top, and shave some dark chocolate on top of the whole thing! What's not cheerful about that? If the home remedies don't work, I go out and about and run the yarn store....or the Daiso store....or anyplace else I can shop for luxuries or frivolous, fun stuff!

8. What is your favorite treat to indulge in and when your down in the dumps?

See #7 above, with the occasional hot chocolate thrown in. I also like to eat good dark chocolate and shortbread cookies when I'm down in the dumps....and when I'm not...and in between...Oh, and caramel with nuts, too!

9. Do you drink coffee? Tea? Cocoa?

I'm mostly a tea drinker---preferably black tea varieties with the caffeine intact. I also like Japanese green toasted rice tea and a good chai tea latte. I drink the occasional coffee latte when out, but don't make coffee at home. I love cocoa, but don't have it at home very often either.

10. If you could take a vacation starting tomorrow and go anywhere for one week and money were no object, where would you go and what would you do?

A beach....any beach! As long as it has some crashing waves, tide pools, ocean breezes, a few palm trees thrown in for some shade. I'd set up my umbrella and watch the waves while knitting, take a dip in the water once in a while and enjoy the sounds and scent of the ocean. If there's a cute cabana boy involved bringing drinks with little umbrellas, and oh, a masseuse hanging around, I'd take that too. And since money is no object, if I were at a fancy beach resort and spa, how about gettin' that private chef over here to do my bidding for a great dinner as well...And there also needs to be a scenic town nearby with lots of cute shops and great restaurants with a view to choose from---a girl can't lie around on the beach all the time!

11. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should be aware of?

No allergies that I know of (thank goodness---I'd hate to have to give up something I like!). My main aversions are to housework and finding a new job, so not really a worry for my pal unless they want me to clean their house or work for them...:)