Monday, April 30, 2007

Should I be buying lottery tickets...?

Apparently, this is my lucky week and I should be out taking advantage of it somehow in a big way. I am a person who never, let me repeat, never wins anything in any kind of contest, drawing, lottery, etc. Zip. Nada. Never happens.

But somehow, within the last 5 days I've won something....TWICE! Yes, I'm a winner, and I'm so excited! You might think it strange that I would get so excited over winning a couple of prizes, but you have to understand, people----I never win anything!! Which is why I am wondering if, during the one week of my entire life to date I have won something, twice, if I should be out wastin some dollars on some lottery tickets or something. I mean, this could be my big chance, and maybe I shouldn't let it just walk on by....

As for what I won....Last week I was at a career fair, of all things, and filled out one of those slips at one of the booths for a drawing. (Translation: We are never going to give you anything, but put your name in this bowl so we can call and irritate you until the end of time....). As I was walking around the corner to leave (boring career fair---the worst kind), a lady from the booth where I had entered approached me and said I had just won a prize and to come and pick out which one I wanted. Yippee! Nice consolation for wasting my day at boring career fair. I was happy! And did I mention? I never win anything, so that was reward enough in itself. For that prize, I got to pick out a nice gift basket from Bath & Body works---very nice!

Then this morning, I found a new blog comment from Jenifer saying that I had won a prize in her blog contest! Yay! Second win in five days! Very exciting! I have no idea what I have won from Jenifer yet but it's going to be something from her stash, so it involves yarn and that has to be good! Thanks, Jenifer!

Okay, so I've gone from never winning anything in all my decades on this planet, to TWO wins within one week! I'm thinkin it might be foolish to ignore such sudden winning mojo and I should be heading out for those lottery tickets. Or, did my lifetime supply of winning mojo just expire itself in one week, and I should skip the lottery tickets like usual....? Hmmm. If you have an answer to this one, let me know before my luck runs out.....

Amongst all of this earth-shattering excitement, that has also been a very small amount of knitting, but mostly lots of trips to the frog pond for the past few days. Picked up my slightly neglected Wavy Wrap to work on it, and first row into working on it, managed to screw up enough to wonk the stitch count completely with no way to figure out WTF I did. You will notice that said Wavy Wrap no longer exists on my sidebar as a WIP. Sadly, it has died. However, I'm not so sad about it, because starting and ending every row with new yarn by leaving a 10" tail was kinda getting on my nerves. Sounded fun when I started, but after about 15 rows, I wasn't feeling the love for it so much any more.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the two large skeins of yarn which came in amounts correct for the pattern they came with. There is one skein of Fleece Artist Big Baby and one skein of Mo. I'm sure I'll use it for something eventually, but I wish I would have known I wouldn't like knitting the pattern before I spent the money for the kit. Frolic of a foolish knitter---live and learn. I guess I won't be doing that again...

For now, they will be buried at the bottom of the stash basket until the current guilt level subsides and I can appreciate them for their individual loveliness. Right now, if left in plain sight they mock me from the basket "you dork you bought us together in an expensive kit and you messed up and now you're not going to make the kit project and you are a quitter and a dumb ole money waster yarn waster who shouldn't be trusted with expensive yarn nonny-nonny nyah-nyah..."

Who knew yarn could be so cruel? But it's true. And it's really embarrassing to explain all that yarn taunting me when people come over, so better that it stays buried for now.

Still haven't blocked my ISE4 scarf for no particular reason. I guess I should get on that this week so I can mail it out in time, since it's going to another country. I also need to shop for some send-along goodies.

Progressing slowly on the MD linen hand towel after starting over on it several times due to gauge issues. I do ask myself occasionally why I would want a $20 hand towel knit on small needles. I can't explain it except for the fact that I just want one. For this, I blame Ginger, because though I have had the MD book for a while, seeing her lovely pink version made me want to make one. I would never have succumbed to such a project without seeing one already made, because the pictures in the book don't do them justice at all. Anyway, the Euroflax is kinda fun to knit with and it's a good spring project.

Getting ready to cast on for my third pair of socks, but I have too many choices! My sock stash has grown to such proportions, that I'm having trouble deciding which one to pick out of the crowd to knit and with what pattern! I am paralyzed by decision-making that is not on a deadline, so this could take a while. Perhaps I'll wait until after my lace-knitting workshop this weekend to see what ends up OTN while I'm there before deciding on my next socks.

I'm really looking forward to the workshop this weekend! It is a lace-designing workshop with Evelyn Clark, being held at a lakeside cabin. Though I don't have much lace-knitting experience it should be a fun and educational weekend for me! The organizers assured me that lace experience is not necessary as long as I know the stitches involved, and we will be learning all sorts of stuff about chart-reading and designing our own shawls. We'll also be receiving a copy of Evelyn's new book! I love her patterns, so I'm sure the book will be great!

Well, I'm off to buy those lottery tickets....or not....