Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm doin' the happy dance!!

Can you tell that this post is being typed on my brand-spankin-new, really purty, 17-inch-screen-havin, awesome hp laptop? You can't? I thought perhaps you might be able to tell by the jumping up and down I'm doing while typing...

Let me just say, before I go on, that I REALLY love my husband! (...and I'm not just saying that because he reads this sometimes..). After spending a good portion of his time after a long workday last week recovering my precious digital pics and data from the dying laptop, he then spent a good portion of this past weekend helping me investigate laptops, features, prices, processors, and other techie-type stuff to help me pick out the best laptop ever! And then, he let me pick the kinda expensive one! And then, he paid for it! Woooo-hoooo, I'm doing the happy dance here people! (Out of courtesy, I won't go into the fact that he would have to share his computer with me the entire time I did not my own, but we know that did not factor into it in the least!) Just kidding, sweetie! Love you bunches. I really do send profuse and sincere thanks to cute hubby and yes, I am lucky he is mine....and cute, too!

All the gratitude and honorable mentions aside, I really freakin love this computer! I didn't expect to have a replacement this soon, so it's extra exciting! I've had it out of the box and turned on for less than two hours, and I'm loving all the great features, easy set-up, etc. In case you are shopping and interested, it's an HP Pavilion 9230US. My poor, dying laptop was a (much) earlier Pavilion model, and it served me practically fuss-free for 6 years before it croaked. When I shopped again, still loved the HP the best! (No, I'm not a paid spokesmodel...)

(Happy dance temporarily paused and jumping up and down has now subsided---in case you were holding on, I'll stop shaking the table now....)

In between laptop shopping, got together with Miss X this past weekend for a little lunching and knitting, not simultaneously. We both decided that we wanted to learn how to do entrelac, so with out latest Interweave Knits issues in our hot little hands, we forged ahead. Mine is coming along, but can't take any pictures yet.

Now I'm off to play with my new toy for a while----lots of exploring, downloading and installing to do....

Tomorrow I'm off for a day of shopping for yarn I shouldn't be looking at and am forbidden from purchasing. But Miss X has never been to Acorn Street and I have generously agreed to show it to her. But I'm not going there to buy, only to be a good friend....really.....yep.......