Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's NOT in my wallet

****Fair Warning****

This is a post solely composed of ranting that has nothing whatsoever to do with knitting...I don't usually include my personal financial dealings on my blog, but these guys really frosted my cupcake today!

You know that credit card commercial that says "What's in your wallet?" Well, funny commercials---really CRAPPY company with unbelievably horrible customer service!! I can say this with confidence, having just spent the better part of an hour on hold, and the better part of another hour arguing with a not one, but two total morons about why they should not be charging me a late fee and finance charges for a late payment that they received electronically four full days before it was due. That means they received the cash from my account on that day, and then did not credit until one day after the due date!

Yes, I'm ranting! Cr*pital One then goes on to give the most horrible, robotic and moronic customer service available, sufficient to tick me off until my head almost exploded. They were willing to reverse the service charge of $29 and the interest, but I still had to pay the minimum due of $20 on an account that had a zero balance except for what they were charging me in fees! BUT, even though they were reversing the fees, again making my balance zero, I still have to pay, and then carry a credit on my account, since the fee reversals won't post until the next statement date. Unbelievable. Is it just me, or is that just a little twisted?

The 2nd person on the phone then also went on to warn me that even though he could reverse the actual fees, he couldn't reverse the fact that my payment was late, and my account would be subject to increase in APR to 5 billion percent if it happened again.....DUDE! It was your company's mistake....not mine! And you can't reverse the fact that my payment was late due to YOUR error? Geez!

At that point, when I attempted to point out the silliness of having to make a payment on a late fee that was being reversed, and then having to carry a credit of money I shouldn't have to send to begin with due to their error, the robotic guy on the other end of the phone said he would be happy to close my account.

DONE! That was the first thing he said that made sense in the whole conversation! At this point, I was overjoyed to choose that option and relieve myself of even the tiniest outside possibility that I will EVER have to call them again to try to resolve an issue. Although, I do understand the logic that they would rather keep all of those good customers who never pay on time and never pay off their balance. (What ever happened to having good credit and paying bills on time being a good thing...?)

Oh, and that $20 that I have to pay them to hold hostage until they process the credit of fees charged me for their mistake....they will send it back in the form of a check 30 days after my account is closed. I'm so glad that I get my ransom money back in the form of a check I have to go cash.


If you have an account with them, pray you never have an issue to dispute with them---you will be bald from hair-pulling by the end of the conversation. That is, if you haven't gone into a coma waiting for them to actually put a live person on the phone. If you don't have an account with them---do yourself a favor and find another credit card to use----your sanity and your bank account will thank you.

Another instance of most excellent customer service, carried to it's pathetic extreme. Now I know where they get all of those Huns for their commercials---plucked fresh from the ranks of their customer service trainees!

Bite me, Cr*pital One.