Friday, March 09, 2007

This can't be good....

Yesterday while happily web-surfing, something very disturbing occurred. Yes, out of nowhere I suddenly received the gift of "the dreaded blue screen." Sigh. At the top was something about Windows being shut down to due an error that could damage the computer, followed by lots of ugly code, and ending with "physical memory being removed...."

Even with my minimum of computer savvy, I could tell this was not good. Heck, I even tried to shut down the computer to make it all go away, and it wouldn't even turn OFF! After a couple of minutes it sputtered and clicked, and turned itself off. If this is not the end, it certainly is a terminal illness that will come to it's ugly end very soon, I feel sure.

Of course, when my surly tech support person (cute husband) got home, he turned on the computer to see if he could retrieve any of my data, and it booted right up in the normal, molasses-slow fashion. Slow, but it booted. After a few minutes, the poor laptop again gasped and collapsed. After letting it rest, he was again able to turn it on long enough to set up a network to his computer and transfer some of my stuff. Yeah for cute husband and his computer abilities (it's good to have a computer geek in the house----I believe it's even become fashionable these days!) I love him for so many reasons, but especially so last night since he spent his whole evening after a long day at work rescuing all of my digital pics and documents to his computer.

So, the upshot is that posts may be scarce for a while, and unfortunately, pictures will be non-existent until I can go shopping for a new laptop, get it up and running, and get picture editing software loaded.

I hope my laptop is in a better place. It offered me dedicated, almost glitch-free service for many years now. I've had it since early 2002, with almost daily use, so I guess I can't complain about it's longevity!

Maybe I shouldn't have discussed shopping for a new laptop in front of it a couple of weeks ago. I think it heard about a possible replacement and lost it's will to live.....

I will miss you, hp pavilion zt1130---sniffle, sniffle.....

Now, did someone say something about shopping for a new laptop?!! Whooo-hooo! I am so there!!