Friday, May 18, 2007

2007 LYS Tour---Day One

Subtitle: Woman visits 11 yarn stores in a 3-county area in 6-1/2 hours, then collapses!!!!

Today I set out on the first day of Destination: Yarn, The 2007 LYS Tour, a three-day marathon in which you try to visit 20 yarn stores spread over half the state of Washington!! (They use the word "local" in LYS very loosely here---were talkin' about a spread of about 5 counties here, folks....).

I set out at 9:30 this morning to sunny skies and (miracle of miracles) NO traffic nightmares on my route! As a matter of fact, it turned out to be smooth sailing all day while I managed to miss every major reported traffic problem timewise or direction-wise! I'm still scratching my head over that one, but I'm definitely not complaining! I made an ambitious goal to try to reach 10 stores throughout today, since all of the stores are open until 9pm.

As it turned out, by noon I had reached the fifth store on my route plan! This allowed me to add an on an extra store later in the day, and still be done with today's route before 5pm. Awesome!

I have listed the stores I visited today, in order, and what their free pattern was (each store is to have a free one-skein pattern and discount on the yarn used for the pattern). I swore to myself that I was not going to buy today----only obediently obtain the required stamp in my passport and rapidly exit each store. Um..., I don't think I have to tell you how long that lasted. If you see my husband, please don't tell him about what's stashed in the trunk of my car.....

So to recap, 11 stores visited over 6-1/2 hours, 130 total miles driven. Blood glucose level at 4pm completion of Day 1 of tour: 32. (A testament to the energizing power of yarn shopping, and a chance at a drawing for a $400 LYS gift certificate!!) I didn't stop to eat until the end but I did take a few bathroom breaks at the stores, since I don't have access to any of those astronaut diapers.

  1. Hilltop Yarn East, Bellevue - "Dream Wave Shawl" made with Hand Maiden Sea Silk (no purchase here)
  2. The Knittery, Renton - "Cabled Fingerless Gloves" (bought some MegaBoots sock yarn)
  3. Renaissance Yarns, Kent - "Sock-ra-tease" socks made with Duet Handpainted sock yarn (had to have this one--pink, black and white colorway, with pink yarn included for toes and heels!)
  4. The Yarn Stash, Burien - "Rice Log Cover" (rice-filled heating pad) made with Meditation yarn (pass)
  5. Seattle Yarn Gallery, West Seattle - "Simply Lovely Clutch" (entrelac clutch) made with Noro Tidiori (bought two colors; plus they had every new color of Tofutsies, so I got two of those). I may need an intervention....
  6. The Weaving Works, Seattle - "One-skein Bluebell Rib Pedicure Sock," plus two crochet patterns (a market bag and a flower). (No purchase--surprise,surprise!) Very cute pattern, though!
  7. Village Yarn & Tea, Lake Forest Park - "Touring Wrap" (lace wrap) using Fleece Artist Suri Blue. (okay, it's Fleece Artist and it's handpainted alpaca and BFL wool---do I need to tell you if I bought it?)
  8. Spin A Yarn, Edmonds - "Bunny Booties" made with Belangora (no purchase)
  9. Let It Rain Yarn, Mukilteo - "Lace Wing Scarf" made with Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool (I got Silky Tweed---a little bit softer)
  10. Great Yarns, Everett - "Touch Me Booties" (pass-I didn't even take the purchase)
  11. Main Street Yarns, Mill Creek - "Star Top Baby Hat" (don't remember yarn, didn't take the pattern; no purchase here either! See, I can be good!!)

Stop #12 was at Subway, where I collapsed over my 6" turkey sub and pondered whether I had a case of buyer's remorse.....Nah! Ate my sandwich with glee while reviewing my booty.

Sorry I don't have any yarn pron for you, but I'm too pooped to spread it all out and photograph it right now. That will have to wait until after this weekend.

So tomorrow it's off to Bellingham and the north end of the state for Day #2. Just to show you how sweet my husband is, he is actually going to go with me for the road trip portion of the tour tomorrow! Is he cute, or what!?! Only 9 stores left to go over two days, but that involves a 90-minute drive one way, 2-1/2 hours back, and a ferry crossing. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I make all 20 shops! I need a chance at that $400 gift certificate to help pay for the weekend....

See you on the highway....or in some LYS that's not so local....