Thursday, May 10, 2007

When creativity goes horribly wrong...

While checking out Jessica's blog this morning, looking forward to my weekly dose of Thursday fun, I was horrified see this! **Before you click on over there, be warned that you do so with some risk of trauma!**

Now I'm all for creativity and originality in knitting, but this time someone has gone way too far. I mean, I got a kick out of previously displayed boobies, willies and all manner of things. But when you go internal, you've gone too far! yuck. My God, it even has an EYE! And the placement of the zipper is a nice touch.

I think this is a case where a little less detail would be in order. In fact, to the knitter, how about forgetting about the whole thing!? Or can we look forward to the whole collection?***How about a uterus with coordinating ovaries? Or how about the intestinal collection?(small bowel sold separately...). Spleen, anyone?***

After recovering from my eyes burning and watering, the only thing I could think of was, "do you really want to be fishing around for change in there at the supermarket check-out?" I'll just be out this afternoon seeing a therapist for my PTSD and flashbacks..

And now I also worry a little about our dear Jessica. Just exactly what was she looking for when that popped up on the search engine? I don't know if Thursdays will ever be the same....

***Edited on 5/11 to add: Yay! We can all thank kitty mommy for her information that yes, indeed, these knit bodily items already exist! (See the comments for the links). What's your favorite? I think the very-anatomically-correct intestinal system, complete with appendix is my new favorite--lol!***

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